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Perfect Birth

Perfect Birth

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The Cure Clinic offers an fully individualised service, focused on helping you to achieve phenomenal results.

Perfect birth methods are bespoke and tailored to your individual circumstances and requirements, using a combination of conscious and subconscious therapies.

Your investment in this experience is £120 for the first session and £95 for follow-ups.


Hypnotherapy for childbirth is a useful tool which can help mothers (and their birthing partner) prepare for the birth by addressing any concerns and fears they may have, as well as reducing the pain and length of labour and any chances of intervention. Many studies have also found that babies born to mothers who have used hypnotherapy to prepare and relax them for birth are also more likely to sleep and feed better.

This beautiful bespoke process, tailored to your individual needs or concerns, allows you to gain a deep state of relaxation quickly and easily, minimising fear and pain whether at home or in the maternity unit. You will learn easy self-hypnosis techniques and powerful visualisation techniques, all intended to help dispel any negative thoughts and concerns - as well as helping to feel in control, confident and prepared for the birth.
As nature intended, you are then without fear, without tension and without pain. Reducing anxiety will also minimise the need for pain relief drugs which pass from mother to baby.

The Hypnotherapy for Childbirth takes several forms:

- Relaxation to enjoy pregnancy and in preparation for labour
- Powerful pain control techniques
- Learning self-hypnosis including the use of music
- Preparation of birthing partner to strengthen support
- Preparation for rapid post-natal recovery